Erfahrungsberichte aus Auckland

Selwyn College: Eike S.

Kia Ora Everyone!

My name is Eike. I am from Mülheim an der Ruhr, a small city in western Germany. Around 2 years ago, in June I enrolled at Selwyn College and graduated there 6 terms later.

Those one and a half years probably were the best time of my life. Not only I experienced the Kiwi culture and lifestyle and met amazing people, but also I finished school over there and now have fully accepted 'Abitur' in Germany.

It actually all started out with a 10 months exchange. With the beginning of the third term I arrived at Selwyn College and I really had an easy start. I quickly found new friends and settled in easily. Sadly my host family and I did not fit together well so I moved to a new family. Julia Cornthwaite - the contact teacher for international students at Selwyn - really bailed me out and found me a wonderful new family.

With the beginning of the new year I pretty much decided over night that I would like to extend my stay for some more months to finish with year 13 and my school career - at this point I really need to thank Selwyn and my parents for supporting my plans and made them get real!

I also got into new activities I never would have thought about back in Germany. Because of (really!) amazing friends I got into playing field hockey. I was the keeper (not really the nicest place on the field,.. but a great fun!)
I got into drama as well. I was working in and at three productions, and I really enjoyed that stuff!

Well... looking back, this exchange was the most amazing experience in my life up to now and I really want to thank everyone who made it that special. Miss y’all, guys!

Eike S

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